The Roots...Meet the Creator

🖤Nicole aka🌙 @deephoneymama🖤

Healing hands that heal the land,

Creator of nations searching fervently for liberations

for my seeds

who die in this hard concrete

Fertile lands I demand, fertile lands for these fertile plans I create.

Deep and honey sweet

rich and filled with Yeshua’s glory

I bring life, I heal the portal which brings forth life. The path that was meant to be destroyed forever being devoid…of love.                                                                                                                

The coveted land of milk and honey. Our milk has been stolen and our honey hidden high in the trees.

But I bring love, i come in peace so that you may come in peace my seeds.

My healing runs so deep that that more honey and milk you steal the more milk and honey i create. I dismantle the hate you meant for my body and I erect a body so healed, a community so built, a family so strengthened nobody can tear down this body of people.

My Father’s greatest gift to me was healing hands. He shaped me a healer, an activist, an anthropologist, a nurse, a doula, a lactation counselor, a student midwife, a peace maker to the body and a warrior to a nation, But His greatest gift to me was to create me to be a mother of 7 nations and counting.

 I am Anahita Nicole. Aka @deephoneymama

Welcome my sweet Honey, my deep honey… to your healing.🖤