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Healing Vibes Yoni Oil

Creative Roots 🖤 Deep Purpose

Deep Honey is in the heart of historic Pittsburgh, Atlanta. Creating a sacred space for healing is our purpose. Deep honey creates products that empower women. We create products that promote and inspire peace, healing, wholeness, beauty, and profound self love. We partner with women to cultivate a beautiful, healthy relationship with your feminine energy and power. We teach women to embrace their bodies with dignity and deep love.

Healing Vibes Boric Acid Suppositories

I struggled with BV. Every month I was having issues. The boric acid suppositories came with an applicator and they have kept me BV free!!! Finally something that works!


Healing Vibes Yoni Oil

I love the Yoni Oil. It smells so good. It keeps my V hydrated, my skin tone even, and i get so many compliments from my partner!!!! A must have!


Sweet and Supple Hormone Tea

The hormone tea has changed my life! I used to have terrible hot flashes and now I barely have them. I drink 1-2 cups every day. The first time i bought it i didn’t restock when i ran out… never again. My hot flashes were back. Now I buy 1-2 bags at a time.


Sweet and Supple Supplements

When I tell you she is so wet! As i have gotten older I was struggling with making my own moisture but these supplements…. Keep my kitty purring!


Meet the Creator

MEET THE CREATOR 🖤 Healing hands that heal the land, Creator of nations searching fervently for liberation for my seeds who die in this hard concrete. Fertile lands I demand, fertile lands for these fertile plans I create. Deep and honey sweet rich and filled with Yeshua’s glory. I bring life. I heal the portal which brings life. The path that was meant to be destroyed forever being devoid of love.                                                                                                               I dismantle the hate meant for my body and I erect a body so healed, a community so built, a family so strengthened nobody can tear down this body of people. My Father’s gave me the gift of healing. He shaped me a healer, an activist, an anthropologist, a nurse, a doula, a lactation counselor, a midwife, a peace maker to the body and a warrior to a nation, But His greatest gift to me was to create me to be a mother of 7 nations and counting.  I am Anahita Nicole. @deephoneymama Welcome my sweet Honey, my deep honey… to your healing.🖤

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